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Hi there, I’m Charlie. Welcome to my site about family counseling services. When a family cannot seem to get along, sometimes it is necessary to involve an outside party to help work through the difficulties. Family counseling services helped heal my relationship with my siblings after our parents passed away. Before attending the counseling sessions, my siblings and I had extreme doubts about regaining our close connections. I will talk about all of the different tactics used to help our group reveal and discuss our problems. I hope you will visit my site often to learn about the benefits of attending family counseling. Thanks.



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Learning About The Benefits Of Family Counseling Services

3 Ways To Create A Personable And Memorable Experience At A Funeral

by Bryan Ryan

As a funeral home director, you are in charge of a significant amount of funerals. You see a lot of death in your time and deal with a lot of grieving families. You want to do everything you can to help make the funeral special for them and their loved ones while also honoring the deceased. In order do this, you need to set the stage. You need to create the right ambiance that celebrates the life of the deceased and allows the living to feel at ease and just a little bit joyful. Here are a few ideas:

Quote Board

One of the easiest and quickest things you can do is to add a quote board. Ask the family to provide you with a quote that is special to the entire family or to the deceased loved one. Take this quote and have it beautifully mounted on a piece of fabric, paper, or chalkboard. You can then add decorations to make it stand out and it will serve as a lovely display for the upcoming service.

Memory Table

Another option is to create a table of memories. This one is a bit more personalized than the quote board, and it also takes more work. Your creativity is your only limit here. You can use photos, knick-knacks, favorite items, etc. and arrange them on the table in any way you see fit, like this one. If you'd like, you can make more than one table to represent multiple passions or chapters in the recently deceased's life. In addition, you can incorporate the help of the loved ones (but only if you and they want to).

Memorial Stones

There are two different ways that you can do this one. The first is to have a table where there are permanent markers and small garden stones. Guests will be instructed to write a small note and their names to honor the deceased. The family can then scatter the rocks in a place of their choosing, such as the ocean or their garden. The second is to have "In Loving Memory" printed on small stones to be handed out to loved ones at the funeral as a keepsake. If funds allow, the name of the loved one and the date can even be printed on the stones.

You could start offering your funeral ideas as part of your funeral packages to help give them a more personalized feel. Many families will thank you for putting in the extra effort to celebrate the life of their recently deceased loved one. 

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